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Liberation of Heart and Pelvis

Each of us is determined by feelings and experiences in life which link us to the past and cause the creation of certain patterns of behaviour. Due to these patterns we repeatedly act in a certain way. In addition, these patterns have physical effects on us - our body posture changes, e.g. our thorax area is becoming more narrow, feels like steel-plated, a kind of rigidness is spreading, etc. - This deprives us of the space we need for living.

With this Liberation of Heart and Pelvis we look at what is beyond those symptoms, we will resolve and transform those stories and feelings - supported by special breathing, movements and working on your muscles. Words and phrases of your childhood may rise to the surface, they will release emotions - resulting in mental and physical changes.

The term "Liberation of Heart and Pelvis" hints at the important link between heart (and all qualities related to it) and the pelvis, the center of the energy of life.

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